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Blockchain for Enterprise

6-Week Executive Online Course

Gain a firm understanding of blockchain and distributed ledgers technology (DLT) and frameworks to analyze use cases. Leverage your new knowledge and skills to develop blockchain solutions for your business or to make a career change into this booming industry.

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6 weeks

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Fall 2019

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What You Will Learn


Monetary Economics for the Blockchain World

Week 1

Before plunging into the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, we must first examine the impetus behind Bitcoin, which was to create a new form of money. This module also discusses how blockchain, otherwise known as distributed ledger technology (DLT), breaks from the traditional monetary system and has thrown this revolutionary technology into the spotlight.

How Does Blockchain Actually Work?

Week 2

In this module, we demystify blockchain technology. We start by covering the basic properties and intent of centralized/decentralized currency, including identity, transactions, record keeping, and consensus. Then, we introduce some of the more advanced concepts, such cryptography, privacy, and hashing, which will be expounded upon in the next module. We finish with an overview of blockchain networks, architectures, and applications.

Diving Deeper into Blockchain Technology

Week 3

This module introduces some more advanced blockchain concepts, mechanisms, and technical applications. We examine cryptography in detail before discussing mining, consensus protocols, and transaction flow. The week wraps up with an in-depth look at of one of the most revolutionary and applicable aspects of blockchain technology: smart contracts.

Systems of Payment and Exchange

Week 4

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies offer many alternatives to the traditional methods of payment and exchange in our society today. This module features an in-depth analysis and discussion on these topics and offers some insight as to what further disruption many companies across practically all industries may soon face as a result of this new technology.

Crypto-finance, Law, and Regulation

Week 5

This module explores the vast and growing blockchain ecosystem, including a broad industry overview, an analysis of the of the new ICO business model, a primer on key infrastructural and blockchain products, recommendations on production blockchain architectures, and an overview of the laws and regulatory perspectives surrounding the space.

Distributed Ledgers, Smart Contracts, and Supply Chains

Week 6

The final week leverages the knowledge and intuition developed thus far to explore enterprise blockchain, blockchain infrastructure, and technical developments. We will examine the present and future impacts of this technology across several industries.

Lesson Preview

Watch Greg LaBlanc explain how a distributed ledger functions very much like a giant Google Doc.

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Lesson Preview

Watch Dr. Raymond Cheng discuss the growing diversity of cryptocurrencies.

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What Students Say


"I think this course was the best course ever!"

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