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The Knowdeon Difference

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Live Access to Faculty

Engage in live discussions with classmates and the Berkeley faculty.


Hands-on Project

Add a design project to your portfolio as you master the innovation process.


Global Teams

Collaborate with a team of experienced professionals.


Silicon Valley Expertise

Gain unique insight from leading industry experts in Silicon Valley.


about this program


Innovation is a process that requires diligence, discipline, and focus. It calls for mental frameworks that foster curiosity, empathy, and the suspension of judgment. It also requires shared tools, practices, and habits of mind - delivering on which is a core promise of this program.

A fundamental premise of this Design Thinking program is that creativity is something all humans have access to. The course will introduce you to the tools and practices of innovation, to deep customer insights, and to Design Thinking in a variety of business contexts.

learning Format


90+ exclusive video lectures, guest interviews, short assessments, and discussion boards

This course is team-based and culminates in a capstone project. You will have the benefit of continuously applying the frameworks and techniques you will learn to a real-world challenge. In addition to the video content, each team will work with a dedicated team facilitator and participate in live, synchronous sessions with the faculty. Participants who successfully complete the six-week curriculum will receive a certificate of accomplishment issued by The Berkeley Innovation Group.

If you are looking for deep, applied Design Thinking training, the small-cohort format will enable you to forge professional connections and immerse yourself in the innovation cycle with a distributed team. The live access to UC Berkeley innovation lecturers and the opportunity to collaborate make this a truly remarkable experience on par with in-person workshops.


Continuous teamwork alongside facilitators and faculty with team live workshops each week


Weekly live faculty-led case discussions and lectures



Space in the cohort is limited to 20 participants to ensure a highly interactive experience. Seats are filled on a rolling basis, so we encourage you to register as early as possible (and no later than the stated enrollment deadline).

Upcoming Cohorts

Nov 2, 2020 - Dec 19, 2020

Apply by November 1

The live sessions with faculty are scheduled for 7:00 am PST each Friday.


7 weeks


5-7 hrs/week

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$̶9̶9̶5̶ $597



upon completion





Fundamentals of Design Thinking


Phase Two:



Phase Four: Experimentation


Phase One: Discovery


Phase THREE: Ideation


Next Steps:

Monday Morning



Clark Kellogg


Senior Lecturer, UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business* | Co-Founder, The Berkeley Innovation Group

Clark is a Senior Lecturer in the Innovation, Creativity, and Design Practice group at UC Berkeley Haas. He runs corporate and graduate workshops in innovation practices and communications, and has advanced training as an executive coach and facilitator.


He has practiced architecture, product design, graphic design, corporate strategy innovation, and global brand management for several decades. He is a co-founder of The Berkeley Innovation Group.

Jeff Eyet 3.jpg

Jeff Eyet


Lecturer, UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business* | CEO and Co-Founder, The Berkeley Innovation Group

Jeff is the CEO and Co-founder of The Berkeley Innovation Group, which is built upon the philosophy that corporate innovation requires a process of advanced common sense known as Design Thinking.


He works to transform companies and their employees by using an experiential learning approach to infuse Design Thinking capabilities into executive teams and throughout company cultures. Jeff recently joined the faculty at Berkeley Haas, where he teaches Design Thinking alongside Clark.


Elizabeth Glenewinkel.jpg

Elizabeth Glenewinkel

Director, Strategic Innovation



Dr. Vivek Rao

Lecturer, Innovation & Design

UC Berkeley


Kasey Koopmans

Innovation Consultant

Berkeley Innovation Group

Katharina 2.jpg

Katharina Leistenschneider

Service Designer, Germany


Marko Müller

Possibilist & Innovator



learn skills to drive innovation

  • Design Thinking skills, mindsets, and practices to drive innovation by approaching complex problems in new ways and discovering novel solutions.

  • Knowledge of research methods, ethnography techniques, user interview skills, and how to generate insights from large amounts of field data.

  • Ability to identify the real, underlying problems and needs of customers and to generate solutions through experiments, rapid prototyping, iterative design, and storytelling.

  • A structured framework and methodology for maximizing the return on limited resources in new-venture contexts and for accelerating innovation in medium- and large-sized organizations.


design thinking on a global level

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This applied program is best suited for business leaders and professionals who are looking to master the innovator's mindset and put it to use toward solving practical challenges in their corporate, government, or not-for-profit context.


Past participants have come from:

  • Industries: Healthcare, Higher Education, Information Technology, Management Consulting, Retail, Supply Chain & Logistics, and Entrepreneurship.

  • Job Functions: CEO, Vice President, Account Executive, IT Expert, College Dean, Software Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Consultant, etc.

  • Countries: Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Holland, Japan, Norway, Singapore, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States.

What past participants say

I completed most of my undergraduate degree online, and this course reset my expectations of what an online course can be. The high degree of teamwork, interaction with the faculty, and the crisp, high-quality video lectures provided a very enjoyable and engaging learning experience.

     -Heather U., USA, Senior Account Manager

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