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Course Catalog

Knowdeon delivers MBA-level online courses on topics that are transforming the world of business. All of our courses provide students with: 

  • Live access to instructors from top-10 business programs and industry leaders.

  • Exclusive multimedia content of the highest quality.

  • Networking opportunities with peers from around the globe.

  • Personalized guidance to support your learning and career objectives.


The 5 Leadership Principles
Enhance your leadership advantage.
Leader as Coach
Unleash the potential of your employees.
Women in Leadership
Go beyond stereotypes and discover your path to success.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Identify opportunities, start a business, change the world.
Growth Hacking
Conduct rapid, low-cost experiments to unlock and accelerate growth.
New Venture Finance
Finance your startup or high-growth business.

Industries In-Depth

How Silicon Valley Works
Explore the workings of this dynamic, innovative ecosystem.
The Business of Wine
From the grapes to consumer, and everything in between.
The Cannabis Business
Navigate the challenges and succeed in this rapidly growing industry.

Finance & Markets

Behavioral Finance
Recognize psychological errors and make better financial decisions.
Draft, strategize, and develop disruptive financial innovations.
Venture Capital
Uncover the secrets of venture capitalists.

Emerging Technologies

AI for Business
Harness the power of data and technology.
Digital Transformation
Lead people, data, and technology through digital disruption.
Workplace Analytics
Discover and shape the workplace of the future.
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