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Rapid Prototyping Toolkit

Go from market sketch to product prototype in weeks with this on-demand course designed to equip you with the skills, tools, and mindset of rapid software, service, and hardware prototyping.

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Learn how to leverage the rapid innovation cycle to bring your product ideas to life in a matter of weeks

Got a great idea? Then it’s time to build and test a prototype – the best way to uncover insights about your product, potential customers, and target market. This high octane five-week bootcamp will kickstart your product development process from giving form to your ideas all the way to generating market traction. 

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What you'll learn

The backbone of the course is the Rapid Prototyping Method, a four-phase iterative problem-solving framework taught at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business and IE School of Business.

Hands-on prototyping skills that drive innovation, including software, hardware, and service prototyping

How to develop creative and responsive market solutions using prototypes 

Mastery of the Rapid Innovation Cycle, including research methods, decision-making
frameworks, and quick iteration techniques

How to identify customer needs and generate solutions through rapid prototyping 

The practices that drive innovation by creating novel solutions to complex problems

A structured framework for maximizing your return on limited resources and accelerating innovation 

Changes your mindset forever!

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"You'll learn about the importance of prototyping for just any business, discover thousands of tools, and get your hands dirty over and over again. Chris will make sure you have fun and grow at the same time." 

What's included in the course?

4 modules that break down rapid prototyping
60+ expert, targeted video lectures
4+ hours of content
10 reference guides
Dozens of tools

The modules

Module 1: The Rapid Prototyping Method

Introducing the Rapid Innovation Cycle, a research-based framework for developing and testing new products and services. It offers a step-by-step process to analyze your market opportunity and guide all your prototyping.

Module 2: Service Prototyping

High-quality services are a key factor for most successful companies. Create a successful business without high costs by learning how to develop, prototype, and validate new service offerings with tools like concierging.

Module 3: Software Prototyping

Quickly develop software and mobile app prototypes at progressive levels of fidelity with the Crazy 8s, SmartPad, PoP, and other methodologies. Discover easy ways to measure your product's traction and iterate on feedback.

Module 4: Hardware Prototyping

Go from zero to physical part or product at light speed with a variety of low-fidelity to high-fidelity hardware tools. From Office Hacking to 48-Hour Prototyping, you’ll learn to build exactly what you need within any time constraints.

Learn from an engineer and entrepreneur

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Chris McCoy, PhD

Lead Instructor

Founder & CEO, You3Dit |

Lecturer, UC Berkeley Haas 

Dr. Chris McCoy earned his PhD in mechanical engineering from UC Berkeley and a Management of Technology certificate from the Haas School of Business. In 2010 he went to the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid on a Fulbright grant and taught the first edition of Hands-on Rapid Prototyping there.


The course content has since been adopted at IE Business School and UC Berkeley Haas and consistently rated as one of the best MBA electives available. After completing his PhD, Chris consulted for a large California utility company, where he helped develop internal work-management software and led executive teams through technical governance.


Chris left consulting to build You3Dit Inc., a company which helps people bring their ideas to life via a global network of designers and fabricators. You3Dit has now worked with large companies (e.g., Cisco Systems and Analog Devices) and startups alike and is a SkyDeck Accelerator company.

Exclusive interviews with entrepreneurs, innovation leaders, and engineering managers.

Community. Get access to the prototyping Slack channel, where you can chat with makers and designers around the world.

Global prototypathon. Opportunity to participate in an invite-only, 48-hour global prototypathon.

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Tools library. Power your startup ideas with dozens of software, service, and hardware prototyping tools.

Free lifetime access to all future content. We’re always adding bonus course content and more interviews with industry experts.

A digital certificate of achievement when you finish.

Previously taught at

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Who should take this course

This program is best suited for entrepreneurs and professionals looking to master the product development and customer validation processes in a rigorous context and gain essential tools to launch market-ready products.

Entrepreneurs looking to speed up their path to product-market fit

Career advancers looking to deepen their prototyping skills or speed up a promotion 

Small business owners looking to improve their services or launch new products at low cost.

Designers looking to expand their portfolios to attract business clients

Engineers looking to apply their technical knowledge to practical use cases 

Anyone seeking foundational knowledge in prototyping and scalable innovation

Why choose Knowdeon?

Access to thought leaders

Hands-on projects

Ever-evolving content

Global professional network

Get actionable advice from UC Berkeley thought leaders and top Silicon Valley executives. 

Every course finishes with a project you can add to your portfolio.

Get lifetime access to a growing library of continually updated digital resources and courses.

Get access to a private LinkedIn group to connect with like-minded professionals. 

The Knowdeon Guarantee

Buy any course risk-free for 14 days. If you're not happy, get a full refund. No questions asked. 



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